What is One World Academy?
OWA is a global organisation committed to nurturing individuals to live in their own truth and happiness and resolve internal conflict. Young in age and wise in perception, OWA's faculty offer transformational programmes world wide and help people to develop complete self awareness and live in it on a day to day basis. OWA's seminars are inspiring, insightful and appealing to all ages and backgrounds.

Would you like to be happier in your day to day life? Can you fully enjoy each moment regardless of the external demands?

Every moment holds the possibility of transformation through Awareness

In this current climate, more than ever before, we need to create a new beginning within ourselves so that external circumstances do not dictate our internal world, no matter what challenges we face.

How can we become happier and create more ease in life?

Awareness is a natural faculty of the brain that can be consciously exercised and developed, like a fitness work out. In awareness, there is always choice from the compulsive, repetitive and destructive emotions that can rule us. Awareness Is Attention!

Realise the power of the Presence within

We are not merely physical and mental beings we are spiritual beings too. The Presence or The Higher Self within us, is universal intelligence and is manifest in all life. Connecting to this Presence creates an amazing strength within where intuition, healing and transcendence can be activated.

In this seminar you will be helped to:

  • Shift your perceptions, emotions and consciousness
  • Develop greater clarity in decision making
  • Create a life of abundance and awaken to your innate wisdom
  • Dissolve inner conflict and solve external challenges
  • Develop more love for yourself and within your relationships
  • Awaken to the inter connectedness of all things and create a life of greater meaning

What do others say about One World Academy?

“Once in a rare while, there comes along someone who's light burns so brightly from within, that it illuminates a pathway for the rest of us to follow! Ananda Giri is one of those special people that teaches us that there is a higher level of being that is ours to experience!”
- Lauzé, Vancouver, Canada, July 2010.